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the producer has bad news for the players



The new Final Fantasy intends to be desired and leave part of the community on the sidelines.

Just at the thought of losing Call of Duty, Sony intends to make life difficult for its main competitor. Final Fantasy XVI is slowly preparing its arrival for June 22 and will serve as a pressure point for the Japanese manufacturer. According to the words of Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P for friends), the last RPG of the franchise is not about to leave the PlayStation ecosystem. “Buy a PS5!” he claimed after being asked about a PC port.

End of fantasy for Microsoft

In 2016, Final Fantasy XV was released as a cross-platform title, benefiting both Xbox and PlayStation gamers. Two years later, the title was ported to PC. But obviously this time, it’s every man for himself. At least for the moment. After all, Final Fantasy VII Remake only took two years to land on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Bad luck for Xbox players who probably won’t taste it.

But in the case of Final Fantasy XVI, the situation is strange to say the least. Although the license seems to be ousted from Phil Spencer’s console for good, PC gamers fall into another category. Especially since in 2020, when the title was revealed, the trailer indicated black on white “console exclusive on PlayStation, also available on PC“.

Now the producer is turning his jacket around. His complete answer casts doubt on the existence of this version:

No one said anything about releasing a PC version. Why is it like a PC version is going to come out 6 months later? Don’t worry, buy a PS5!

It will therefore be necessary to be patient before being able to discover this new adventure on a platform other than the PlayStation 5. Now that the console is finally emerging from its endless circle of ruptures, Sony could win big by letting keep the exclusivity of such license for as long as possible.

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