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The quadruple for Gobert?



The NBA announced this Sunday the three finalists in each individual award category for the regular season. Rudy Gobert is notably included in the trio nominated for the title of defender of the year.

The playoffs began on Saturday, and throughout the next few weeks, the NBA will reveal the names of the lucky winners of the regular season individual awards. This Sunday, she revealed the list of three finalists for each trophy, and there aren’t really any surprises. The most prestigious trophy, that of MVP, will go to Denver, Philadelphia or Milwaukee. The two big favorites, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, are of course named, and Giannis Antetokounmpo was preferred as third man to Devin Booker (Phoenix) or Jayson Tatum (Boston). The Serb, winner last year, has again signed an extraordinary season (27.1pts, 7.9pds and 13.8rbds on average) in a team that finished sixth in the West (48v-34d), while the Cameroonian, was stronger than last year (30.6pts, 11.7rbs and 4.2pds) and missed “only” 14 games, in a team that finished fourth in the East (51v-31d ). On the French side, we will obviously wait impatiently to know if Rudy Gobert will succeed the quadruple. Already crowned defender of the year in 2018, 2019 and 2021, the pivot of Utah is again named this year and could join Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutombo, the only players to have lifted the trophy four times. Author of 15.6 points and 14.7 rebounds (career record) this season on average, the Frenchman showed, during the 16 games he missed, how important he was for his team. But the competition will be tough, with Phoenix winger Mikal Bridges (14.2pts, 4.2rbds) and Boston point guard Marcus Smart (12.1pts, 3.8rbds), if the NBA decides not to postpone the trophy has an interior.

Memphis, Miami or Cleveland rewarded?

The Coach of the Year trophy will be played between Monty Williams, who took Phoenix to the top of the League in the regular season (64v-18d), Erik Spoelstra, surprise No. 1 in the Eastern Conference with Miami (53v-29d ) and Taylor Jenkins, whose Memphis team feasted throughout the season and finished second in the West (56v-26d). The Grizzlies had a superb season and were able to count on a huge Ja Morant, who was nominated for the title of best progress (8.3pts and 1.7rbds more than last season on average per game), alongside Dejounte Murray, San Antonio’s only star (6.4pts, 2.2rbds and 3.8pds more than last season), and Darius Garland, who greatly contributed to Cleveland’s good season (4.3pts, 0, 9rbd and 2.5pds more than last season). The title of rookie of the season will be decided between three players born in 2001 : the strong winger of Cleveland Evan Mobley (n°3 of the draft, 15pts and 8,3rbds of average), the strong winger of Toronto Scottie Barnes (n°4 of the draft, 15,3pts and 7,5rbds of average) and Detroit point guard Cade Cunningham (No. 1 in the draft, 17.4pts, 5.5rbds and 5.6pds average). Finally, the title of best sixth man of the season will be awarded to the back of Miami Tyler Herro (20.7pts and 5rbds on average, 10 games in the five major out of 66), the strong winger of Phoenix Cam Johnson (12 .5pts and 4.1rbds average, 16 games in the major five out of 66) and Cleveland strong winger Kevin Love (13.6pts and 7.2rbds average, 4 games in the major five out of 74).

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