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the reboot pushes customization to its extreme



The reboot of the Saints Row saga is fast approaching, and reveals its incredible customization possibilities.

License Saints Row is known to be the somewhat goofy cousin of GTA. With insane weapons and ever crazier missions, playing Saints Row it’s a bit like adding a Michael Bay filter to a third-person open-world game.

Nothing is impossible in Saints Row, and therein lies the charm of this series. With its reboot, Deep Silver and Volition continue to open the field of possibilities with customization options as we have rarely seen.

Car or boat? Car-boat!

As for the customizations that we can expect, vehicles can still surprise players. It will of course be possible to change the color and textures of your vehicles, but if you wanted to transform your car into a real warship, is it really possible? Well, yeah !

Saints Row is all about letting players have a blast (literally), and if your wildest dream is to have a pirate ship car with ejection seatsyour wish may be granted.

© Deep Silver / Volition

No limits apply here, each small element will be customizable so you can wreak havoc on Santo Ileso, but with style.

And all this is also valid for weapons. You will then be able to stick stickers on them, choose the materials and even transform them into completely offbeat objects. Who hasn’t dreamed of a guitar case that doubles as a rocket launcher?

Rocket launcher guitar case from the new game Saints Row
© Deep Silver / Volition

Housing fans will also be delighted to have a full database availablewhich they can redecorate and improve as they wish.

Customization at the service of inclusion

But where the customization that the Saints Row reboot offers really shines is with his character creation tool. Again, no limits apply, and the options are endless.

Whether you want to create a character in your image, or an avatar that seems to come from another galaxy, in this game, you can be whoever you want.

Character of the new Saints Row strongly resembling Shrek
Shrek, what are you doing here? © Deep Silver / Volition

These possibilities go hand in hand with the crazy but assumed direction of the game. However, it is important to salute the efforts put in place by the developers for a better inclusion of the players.

Indeed, although it is possible to create completely wacky characters, the creation tool above all brings its set of inclusive elements rarely seen in video games.

Whether it be prosthetic arms or legsor even the possibility of changing the skin tone to proudly show off your vitiligoplayers will be able to make their differences a real strength.

No one is left out, and all physiques will be represented in this new Saints Row. Whatever your choices or your differences, you can set yourself up as the master of Santo Ileso in your own way when this saga reboot Saints Row will land with great fanfare on August 23 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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