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the release in France is not for now



Warner Bros. gives news of The Last of Us series, and it doesn’t look very good.

In just a few days, fans of The Last of Us will be able to discover the eponymous serial adaptation thanks to HBO. Only problem, the series has for the moment a date of diffusion only reserved for the United States, the French spectators are therefore still on the bench. In question, the end of the contract between HBO and OCS, which until now provided us with the productions of the firm in France.

While some series have managed to survive this January 1st under the sign of upheaval, the works to come are in almost total blur. So far, no news of the release of The Last of Us in France had not been shared, which is why the words of Warner Bros. now want to be reassuring. With a new poster, the company confirms the arrival of the series in our green landswithout further details on the date or the broadcast channel.

Not enough to console the French

The Last of Us does indeed arrive in our country, but on what date? On the poster, we can read the mention “shortly” which is not very reassuring. This means at least that the series will not arrive on January 15 like in the United States and that it will take days, weeks or even months of delay. As for the platform chosen for the program, the mystery remains.

If some rumors claimed that the HBO series would soon be available via Amazon Prime Video, nothing has yet been decided for the American, knowing that HBO also plans to launch its home service HBO Max in France very soon. It will therefore be necessary to be patient to discover what promises to be a real nugget.

In the latest trailer, we learn more about the plot of the production, which follows the events of the first game to the letter The Last of Us. It is therefore a series that should greatly appeal to fans of the franchise, but which is also expected at the turn by these same spectators. Carried by actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, we hope that it will find its way to our televisions so that we can form an opinion on it… as soon as possible.

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