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the remake is revealed… in a job offer



Ubisoft publishes a rather enlightening job offer, which tells us more about the Splinter Cell remake.

When we are impatiently awaiting a game, and its publisher decides to ignore the whole development process, we are often full of ingenuity to find information to put in our mouths. Interviews, leaks or even datamining, everything goes there to get some semblance of news… even job offers. These are sometimes mines of hidden information, and the one posted by Ubisoft is the perfect example.

Splinter Cell 2.0

On its site, the firm published an announcement because it is currently looking for a screenwriter for its remake of Splinter Cell. Just announced, the game has yet to reveal an image or even the extent of its changes as part of the remake. But in the job posting, Ubisoft explains how the story of the first game will be modernized to meet the expectations of today’s audience.

Using the first Splinter Cell game as our base, we’re rewriting and updating the story for a modern audience. We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable. As a Writer at Ubisoft Toronto, you will join the storytelling team and help create a cohesive and engaging storytelling experience for a new audience of Splinter Cell fans.

Joining us is your chance to be part of a valuable franchise, reworked on Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine to deliver next-gen visuals and modernized stealth gameplay, while preserving what’s at the heart of the experience. Splinter Cell.

In addition to the modernization of the gameplay, which will gain in fluidity and comfort, we will therefore be entitled to some adjustments to the level of the story of the game in order to better stick to current themes. As a reminder, Splinter Cell is a stealth game released in 2002 that follows the story of Sam Fisher and Echelon 3, who try by all means to avoid a third world war. Between political conflicts and paramilitary strategies, it is easy to imagine how these themes could be transposed to our time, with all the challenges of modern armed conflicts.

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