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the remake of the cult game reveals promising gameplay



Get ready for a return to the dark and horrifying cosmos of Dead Space, here are the first official gameplay images!

Space horror you want, and here it is! There are obviously not enough horror science fiction titles in preparation since here is a remake of the great classic dead space. Intended for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, this up-to-date version prepared by Motive Studios promises its share of fright. But while former Visceral Games (the studio behind Dead Space) have just concocted the surprising The Callisto Protocolwhat will this reconstruction of the 2008 game look like?

Drowned in a pool of games of the same kind all planned for this year or next, it is to be hoped that the fame of the franchise dead space will allow him to stand out. However, the task may be difficult since the gaming community has strongly expressed its annoyance at the amount of too similar announcements after the conferences this summer. Despite everything, these in-game excerpts have something to reassure fans of the license: Isaac Clarke is back with a vengeance and will have to survive larger-than-life necromorphs.

Ever purer fear

Now that this first official gameplay trailer is out, we know for sure: you will have to have a strong heart to survive the experience of this remake. Never the environments of dead space didn’t look nearly as realistic, and so did the monsters, blood, and all the gore imaginable. The weightless sequences both indoors and outdoors will plunge us into large scary areas while the small dark corridors will get the adrenaline pumping with jumpscares.

In addition to these surprising images, the EA studio has already announced the great ambitions for the title. Teams do their best to use new technologies for horrific purposes. This recreation through the Frostbite Engine will bring striking visuals as we have seen but also new game mechanics, an immersive soundscape and a much more developed story. If you long to re-immerse yourself in the horrors of dead space in this sublimated version, know thatyou will have to wait until January 27, 2023 !

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