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The Rocket League roller skate from Ubisoft is coming very soon



The new free-to-play team game from Ubisoft fuses Rocket League and arena roller derby for a sensational experience.

Team sports games are popular, and that, Ubisoft has understood and concocts a competitor to Rocket League for a few years already. In 2019, the studio announced to us Roller Championsa very strange mix between roller derby (a contact sports discipline in roller skating) and the ball game with its unique gameplay.

After several test phases and an absence of news for some time, the competitive game is once again showing up and announcing its release date scheduled for next week. In effect, Roller Champions coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 soon May 25. The game will also be available on the Nintendo Switch very soon and will also join the catalog of cloud gaming services Stadia and Amazon Luna.

This new free-to-play will then have the advantage of being playable by everyone, but the versatility of the game does not stop there. In addition to being cross-platform, Roller Champions will also be cross platform and will take advantage of cross progression. You can then switch from one platform to another if you wish and the action of this new game can follow you everywhere.

Become a roller skating champion

The parts of Roller Champions take place with two teams of three players who will have to compete in a circular arena. A ball is put into play, and the objective is then to complete as many laps as possible without losing it. The points accumulate then and it is enough to score them by throwing the ball in rings located in height.

The game’s gameplay is jumpy and frenetic, and you’ll need technique to avoid the many tackles and other special moves your opponents will use to get the coveted ball back.

Of course, who says team play says ubiquitous competitive dimension. It will then be possible to reach the elite Champions League to face other players in frenzied matches. As the game is free-to-play, customizing your character will be done through cosmetic purchases and a season pass called “roller pass“, simple and efficient.

If this new interpretation of roller skating and Rocket League intrigues you, see you next Tuesday on the Roller Champions track.

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