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the second part soon to be announced?



On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the license, the producer of the remake of Final Fantasy VII promises new announcements for the next month.

And if the highly anticipated sequel to the remake of Final Fantasy VII would hear from him next month? The pressure is starting to mount for fans of the cult JRPG saga as Tetsuya Nomura starts teasing upcoming announcements. The month of June will mark 25 years since the original release of FF7 on PlayStation in 1997, the perfect time to unveil new content.

This anniversary is an important date that could well be the perfect opportunity to show the first images of the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The first part was released in April 2020 on PlayStation 4, then updated on PlayStation 5 in June 2021 before arriving on PC in a sublimated version last December. Two years after its initial publication, is the sequel sufficiently advanced to present?

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Producer of the remake and also known for the saga Kingdom HeartsTetusya Nomura communicated about the anniversary of the game:

Next month, we plan to release information related to the 25th anniversary of FF7. I don’t know yet how much I can share about this event.

This enigmatic announcement instantly captures attention and suggests possible major announcements. It remains to be seen whether the development of the sequel to the remake is sufficiently advanced to be able to show some excerpts to celebrate this new milestone in the life of the JRPG adored by players.

However, it is important to remember thata multitude of other projects in the Final Fantasy VII universe are also in development. So it wouldn’t be surprising if all the new info focused on these projects. We think in particular of the battle royale Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier which could receive a substantial update, or the second mobile game in preparation Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis.

Except Final Fantasy VII which remains the paragon of the license, we must not forget that Final Fantasy XVI fast approaching as its development comes to an end. This year and those to come look promising for fans of the JRPG series which sees its success expand into many areas such as with Final Fantasy XIV which continues to impose itself on the MMORPG market.

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