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The sequel to Titanfall and Apex was just made official and canceled at the same time



Titanfall Legends, a sequel to Respawn’s FPS more grounded with battle royale Apex Legends has just been canceled

The year 2023 is definitely off to a bad start for the major video game studios. After the debacles of Ubisoft and the worries at Epic, EA suddenly restructures its objectives, always with an economic objective. At the beginning of the week, we learned of the cancellation of Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile. These two projects would have taken too much time and resources that can instead be allocated to the main titles. Following the mixed reception of Battlefield 2042EA intends to restore the reputation of the license, which explains the abandonment of the smartphone version.

For Apex Legends however, despite positive feedback on the mobile version, Respawn and EA made the decision to kill the project only nine months after its launch in May 2022. The teams argue that this title could not have lived up to the standards set by the PC version, even with all the effort in the world. If one could have believed that the license Apex was going to be able to expand in another way, this dream also falls through.

An abandoned crossover

Our colleagues from Bloomberg have just revealed the cancellation of Titanfall Legends, a single-player game linking the two already connected worlds. This title, made official by its cancellation, has the effect of heartbreak for fans of the Respawn license, who are waiting for a sequel to Titanfall 2 since 2016. Also, this isn’t the first time a new episode has been canceled.

For the time being, efforts will therefore be concentrated on Apex Legends which continues to establish itself as a leader in the battle royale market alongside Fortnite. When popular, live service games can prove to be a gold mine for studios. While the financial situation of video game studios seems to have worsened in recent months, EA’s decision is not surprising, but nonetheless disappointing.

Following the movement of the tech world and its many mass layoffs in recent times, the 50 developers in charge of the project do not have a guaranteed future at EA and Respawn. Bloomberg says the studio is currently looking for suitable new positions, but employees should prepare for the worst.

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