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The Steam Deck becomes Sony’s new PSP



The arrival of PlayStation exclusives on PC make Valve’s mobile device a true PlayStation Portable.

The cool little neighborhood spider has just arrived on Steam and the Epic Games Store, adding Spider-Man Remastered to the growing list of PlayStation titles coming to PC. With this new initiative, a completely different audience of gamers can finally get their hands on cult titles that have marked the past few years. Horizon: Zero Dawn, god of war and Days Gone are already available while other behemoths are slowly preparing their arrival.

We think in particular of Uncharted and The Last of Us, the little jewels of Naughty Dog who are also preparing to join the toy library of PC players. Some titles temporarily available as PlayStation exclusives have also made the transition from console to PC gaming. The universes of death stranding and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade can be freely explored for some time now. This opening to a new market offers new ways of playing and it is the nomadic players who have everything to gain.

The ultimate PSP is not produced by Sony

With the advent of the Steam Deck, Valve’s new mobile device, the arrival of PlayStation games on PC brings a whole new charm to this PC and console hybrid. In effect, the Steam Deck could become a kind of ultimate PSP, far beyond what the poor PlayStation Vita had been able to do. This product being a real compendium of performance and versatility, it allows players to play more than decently in almost the entire Steam catalog.

Sony obviously has no plans to relaunch on portable architectures, and its new support for the PC platform could serve as the next big evolution for the manufacturer. This way, the firm can continue to specialize in what it does best while offering new options to a wide variety of players. As Spider-Man Remastered already proven itself on the Steam Deck after being verified for the device so quickly, it’s a safe bet that Sony will continue its efforts to provide stable experiences on Valve’s portable device. Case to follow!

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