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the winter sales at crazy prices start now!



Santa Claus will soon pass and Valve has understood this since its platform is launching end-of-year promotions.

Like every year, Steam is about to make us spend all our gifts on new games. A month ago, the platform launched its fall promotions. If you missed the boat, it is already possible to catch up with the winter edition of this sales period. Like every year, a large part of the catalog will be offered at knockdown prices: keep an eye on your wish list!

Steam’s Winter Sale will officially begin this Thursday, December 22 at 7 p.m. (French time). You will then have until January 5 to crack and get your favorite titles: enough time to receive a few envelopes for the upcoming festivities. To prepare us for the event, Steam has even released a video that lists the headliners of the upcoming discounts.

What to expect?

As usual, the platform’s offers will have something to attract players. Even if the summer sales generally win the monopoly of bargain prices, their end-of-year counterpart has nothing to envy. This year, a list of headlines is unveiled even before the start of the event.

Users will therefore be able to take advantage of reduced prices on very popular games like Persona 5 Royal, New World and even Sonic Frontiers which is already on sale right after its release (which is not necessarily a good sign).

Unfortunately, no promotion in sight on the Steam Deck, which would however have made a perfect gift to offer after the holidays. Despite everything, Valve is going to raffle new players who have participated in the Game Awards competition: watch your mailbox, you might find a Christmas miracle there!

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