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The wise investor | Haivision releases the toxic dragee



Every Sunday, we shine the spotlight on financial and stock market news items that may be useful to the investor, but which may have passed under the radar.

Considering the purchase proposal presented at the beginning of March by the Ontario company Evertz unacceptable, the Montreal supplier of solutions for streaming Haivision is acquiring a toxic dragee.

Also called a poison pill, a poison dragee is actually a shareholder rights plan that comes in the form of a defensive strategy to deter an unwanted takeover attempt by creating a significant risk of dilution.

Announced at the end of the day on Friday, the toxic dragee would come into effect as soon as a shareholder obtains a stake of 20% or more in Havision and would give all shareholders, except the hostile bidder and its co-actors, the right to buy new shares at half their market price.

Evertz offered earlier this month to acquire Haivision for $4.50 per share, an amount valuing the Montreal company at $130 million.

Many observers expect that Bomber raises its financial targets Thursday on the occasion of the day organized for investors. CIBC’s Kevin Chiang predicts a change in tone from the management of the Montreal business jet manufacturer. “For the past two years, executive presentations have focused on restructuring and creating a more stable foundation for the business by improving margins, generating cash flow and reducing leverage. I expect leaders to focus this week on opportunities for growth and steps taken to ensure that business becomes more predictable. »

CIBC now recommends buying the stock of Transcontinental. The recent fall of the title makes the action attractive in the eyes of analyst Hamir Patel. In a note on Wednesday, he said he expects sentiment towards the stock to improve by July as cost-cutting initiatives bear fruit and material costs raw materials for flyers and newsprint will stabilize.

The Montreal financial conglomerate Power Corporation revealed in its results on Thursday the registration of a charge for impairment of 109 million linked to its stake in the manufacturer of electric buses Lion. Power is still Lion’s largest shareholder with a 35% stake.

The co-founder and executive chairman of the board of directors of Tecsys has just sold more than $2 million worth of shares in the Montreal supplier of supply chain management software. Dave Brereton sold blocks of shares during the Wednesday and Thursday sessions at prices ranging between $27 and $28.

The Montreal producer of organic energy drinks Guru will launch a new product at the end of the month: Theanine Fruit Punch. The management presented this perfume Thursday by revealing its results of the beginning of the exercise. Guru maintains that the new ingredient that will be used (theanine) is known to improve concentration and mental performance. If the novelty effect is likely to pique curiosity, it is in market share gains that the success of the product will be measured.

A member of the board of directors of SNC Lavalin has just purchased more than $180,000 worth of shares in the Montreal engineering services firm. Christie Clark bought a block of 6,000 shares on March 8. He now owns 13,100. He has been a director at SNC-Lavalin for three years.

The decline in the action of Fiera Capital pushes the dividend yield on the title of the Montreal asset manager to 11%.

An administrator of Boralex has just purchased approximately $75,000 worth of shares in the Quebec producer of renewable energy. André Courville bought a total of 2,000 shares on March 6. He has been a member of Boralex’s Board of Directors for four years.

The Quebec titles of SNC Lavalin, 5N More, CGI And Logistec all reached a new 52-week high on the Toronto Stock Exchange this week. On the other hand, the titles of Cogeco Communications, Fiera Capital, Taiga, Transcontinental And LXRandCo hit a 52-week low.

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