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The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 say more about their sequels



CD Projekt reveals more about its future upcoming projects related to its The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 franchises.

The end of the year is approaching and a ton of games are expected over the next few weeks. However, the water is rather calm on the side of CD Projekt, which is progressing on its projects in all discretion. This does not mean that the studio is letting go, and it is actually preparing a panoply of content for its two successful franchises, The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077.

The witcher’s succession?

On Twitter, the company has detailed all the projects in progress, which will arrive gradually and over the long term. If we already knew that a new saga The Witcher was in development, we now know that it will be a trilogy. The first entry takes the code name Polaris and will continue in the tradition of games from the first franchise. We don’t know yet if Geralt de Riv will be the hero, but it seems unlikely given the lynx mask that replaced the wolf one.

Always related to The Witcher, CD Projekt tells us about Sirius and Canis Majoris. The first is a game developed by The Molasses Flood and will offer players a single-player experience as well as a multiplayer mode. The second is an exclusively solo game that will be set in the universe of The Witcher but completely outside of the new trilogy. We recently learned that it was actually the remake of the first game The Witcher and that it will arrive before the new saga.

2077 and more if affinities

As it concerns Cyberpunk 2077, the CD Projekt teams will not be idle either. The firm states that the expansion DLC named Phantom Liberty is in final development. More than 350 people are currently working on this project and it is expected in 2023. The studio is unveiling the future of the franchise, with a game called Orion (for now) which should be the direct sequel to Cyberpunk 2077.

Finally, CD Projekt Red announces a brand new franchise which is currently called Hadar. We have no information about it yet except that this new license is still in the early stages of creation. Development hasn’t even officially started yet, and the teams are struggling to build a solid base in terms of storytelling and universe before taking action. Everything is skilfully summarized in an explanatory video that we put right here.

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