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The Xbox application is expanding with new very interesting advantages



In its latest update, the Xbox mobile app received a few new features that will make your life easier.

It’s not just consoles and controllers that are entitled to updates, mobile applications too. Everyone who owns an Xbox can rejoice, Microsoft has just rolled out the new version of the eponymous application, which is packed with some welcome improvements. You can now create stories and share them with your friends, as if you were on a social network.

Stories arrive for ordinary mortals

If that’s been ringing in your head, it’s because we’ve covered Xbox Stories before. Introduced a few months ago, they were however reserved for game publishers, who could thus communicate on their games, a simple user like you and us could not therefore create them. The firm therefore remedies this “problem” by granting you the right to create them, but also to share them with whomever you wish and to watch those of your friends.

To do this, Microsoft gives you an appointment on the home page of the Xbox application, where will soon be added a news feed that will mix the publications of your friends, with those of the brands, through the yours. Anything posted will be viewable for up to 72 days and this can range from your achievements to certain video clips to photos of your gameplay sessions. Microsoft explains:

Stories will allow you to show off your talents and see what your friends are up to. You can share your favorite moments with your friends and the Xbox community via video clips, screenshots and your Achievements. You can also reply to your friends’ stories with a message or a quick reaction.”

Simple as pressing 3 buttons

For the moment, it seems that the update is not yet deployed everywhere, the firm therefore explains the procedure to follow without being able to test it for you. If you already have the possibility of creating stories, you will therefore have to rely on Microsoft’s guidelines, which are as follows:

To create a story, tap the + button on your Gamertag from the stories section and then select the video clip, screenshot or Achievement you want to post. You will then be redirected to a pre-publication page where you can choose to add a comment, then you can publish using the button located at the bottom right.

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