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Theft and unfair competition, Coinbase boss in turmoil



This summer Coinbase has been the target of several class actions. These class actions were also directed against the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Amstrong, in particular for acts of deception. The atmosphere was not already bright and the sky has just darkened a little more: a new complaint has just been filed against Armstrong about its ResearchHub platform.

Has Coinbase CEO appropriated the work of his competitor?

First of all, you should know that Brian Armstrong is not just the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Coinbase exchange. It has indeed founded and self-funded the research site ” ResearchHub “. It is because of this project that Brian Armstrong has been assigned by MouseBelt Labs.

MouseBelt Labs considered a leader in blockchain accelerator, has deposit a complaint to the Superior Court of the State of California against the founder of ResearchHub. Indeed, MouseBelt has invested heavily in a research platform Knowledgr and alleges that Brian Armstrong’s project would have been – too – inspired by it. Some explanations.

First, the founder of Knowledgr Patrick Joyce contacted Brian Armstrong in 2019 following the publication of what he considered to be the principles of an “open source scientific publications platform”. Armstrong went directly interested in the Knowledgr project and decided to invest in it. However, according to MouseBelt, this was only a decoy to obtain valuable information. Indeed, the complaint alleges that Armstrong was already developing its ResearchHub platform. Thus, he would have saved development costs by exploiting Knowledgr’s data.

Then it is accused of debauchery Patrick Joyce. On this point, the accusations may be legitimate since Joyce’s LinkedIn indicates that he left Knowledgr in April 2020, then joined ResearchHub in May 2020.

For his part, a spokesperson for Coinbase said that Brian Armstrong was not worried facing these allegations he considers frivolous.

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Small focus on ResearchHub

The objective of ResearchHub is toimprove scientific research by proposing a platform open source which allows researchers to exchange their articles. Researchers are encouraged to enrich the platform thanks to the distribution of tokens, called ResearchCoin (RSC). In short, its operation is similar to Knowledgr’s.

Moreover, according to a tweet from Brian Armstrong at the beginning of December, ResearchHub is looking for new contributors.

Tweet from Brian Armstrong about his company ResearchHub looking for new contributors.
Tweet from Brian Armstrong from ResearchHub Promotion

It will be advisable to follow the follow-up to this complaint. In the event of a conviction, Brian Armstrong could be forced to delete his platform.

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