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These cult JRPGs join the Game Pass and promise hours of gameplay



Atlus is integrating three JRPG monuments into Microsoft’s Game Pass, a first for this license on Xbox and PC.

License personas made a surprise appearance during last night’s Xbox Game Showcase. While this JRPG series was until now reserved for PlayStation consoles, with some spin-offs on Switch and a PC version for the 4th episode, personas think big and set off for new horizons.

This kind of game is rare on the Microsoft console, and yet the manufacturer offers a historic partnership with Atlus to offer three cult games from the license in the Game Pass. Persona 3, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal will therefore arrive for the first time on Xbox and PC for the greatest pleasure of the players. Watch out, the Phantom Thieves are on the lookout…

A long-awaited location

Although these games have all already been released in Europe and France, this arrival in the Game Pass comes with a major surprise for French fans… While Persona 5 Royal had already been entirely translated into the language of Molière, these are the three titles that will have the right to a French version this time.

This year, the Persona franchise also celebrates its 25th anniversary, which promises many announcements for fans of these role-playing games. Can we already imagine the arrival of a Persona 6 ? In the meantime, these games will first arrive on the Microsoft Store and Xbox, before arriving on PS5 and Steam at a later date, as confirmed by Atlus in a press release shared with our colleagues atEurogamer. One thing is certain, everyone is waiting for the arrival of ports of these games on Switch and after these announcements it no longer seems impossible.

With the arrival of these bastions of the genre on the console of the American manufacturer, PlayStation’s monopoly on the publication of JRPGs could well disappear and raise the Xbox in the esteem of the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun. To be continued…

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