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January is coming to an end soon, but what about the New Year’s resolutions we made?

Each new year marks a beginning and a symbolic renewal conducive to good resolutions. This custom that pushes us to make efforts to start on the right foot may be tough, keeping these commitments is not an easy task. It’s not always easy to stay motivated, especially when it comes to exercise.

Very often, the changes that we impose on ourselves at the beginning of January involve a healthier lifestyle and therefore generally sport. This is why after New Year’s Eve, the specialized rooms fill up with new motivated members who quickly disappear. After all, it’s not easy to keep good habits, especially when they happen overnight.

Rather than blaming yourself for failing in a fitness session, why not look for a fun way to get started little by little? Video games prove to be excellent allies for moving in a playful way. Here is a selection of the best titles to play sports while having fun.

Ring Fit Adventure (Switch)

The most obvious but also the most effective, the fitness game signed Nintendo allows you to organize a real sports session directly in the living room. Thanks to its Pilates ring and a leg strap in which Joy-Cons slide, your movements are perfectly transmitted to allow a wide variety of exercises.

In addition to working many areas of the body, the benefit of Ring Fit Adventure lies in its particularly effective gameplay. The slightest effort turns into a battle worthy of the greatest RPGs. Your squats, presses and other yoga poses clear waves of enemies. We almost forget the effort!

Discover Ring Fit Adventure

Just Dance 2023 (Switch, PS5, Xbox Series)

We forget too easily that Just Dance makes cardio work on the best playlists. Chaining 3 or 4 songs only takes about fifteen minutes and is enough to warm up and even sweat. In recent years, the choreographies have become more and more elaborate. The higher levels of difficulty are enough to sweat.

Also, the game does not hesitate to develop its own lists of choreographies with the aim of exerting yourself to the maximum. Sweat mode already existed in previous versions, but the latest iteration offers sports playlists that change regularly and invite the player to come back regularly.

Discover Just Dance 2023

Fitness Boxing (Switch)

You have a Switch but the principle of Ring Fit Adventure don’t you like it? Do you desperately miss boxing from Wii Sports? Here is the ideal game to exercise with your fists. To play it, there is nothing simpler. No need to have an extra accessory or free up lots of room in the living room, just detach the Joy-Con, attach the straps and start a rhythm boxing session.

Music is a common feature of many fitness games since it helps to guide the movements and make the effort more satisfying. The sessions offered are simple, effective and go straight to the point. Just tap vigorously in front of you, in time with the audible and visual indicators. They will be perfect for people looking to spend without getting wrinkled. The game is already available in two versions, Fitness Boxing and Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm & Exerciseenough to occupy hundreds of sports sessions.

Discover Fitness Boxing

Beat Saber (Meta Quest, Steam VR, PlayStation VR)

For VR fans, Beat Saber is a must. In addition to being an excellent rhythm game for the less original, it’s also the perfect way to sweat on frenzied techno music. Playing Rhythm Jedi with a lightsaber is more tiring than you think.

In addition to moving the arms frantically in the highest difficulty levels, the game also invites us to do squats and sidesteps to avoid walls that are coming at full speed. By tweaking a little, it is also possible to download new music and practice on your favorite songs, a significant plus to stay motivated.

Discover Beat Saber on Meta Quest

Zombies, Run! (iOS and Android)

To end this selection, here is an unusual title that should surprise more than one. If you’re the type who wants to run but this activity does not manage to captivate you, this application should solve this problem. To enjoy, all you need is a smartphone and a pair of headphones to turn a race into a sprint for survival. Zombies, Run! offers to listen to a post-apocalyptic narrative story where zombies reign supreme.

As the story unfolds, hordes of undead will pursue you and you will have to sprint to escape themr. The running pace is then controlled entirely by this tool. In addition to offering an almost invisible program thanks to the extensive narrative dimension, it is above all an original experience that encourages you to come back again and again. Small flat, only English speakers will be able to fully appreciate this adventure available in the language of Shakespeare only.

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