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These Mario Kart watches cost more than a new car



You’ll need to win a few races and collect lots of coins if you want to treat yourself to these overpriced goodies.

A few months after its first watch in collaboration with Mario, Tag Heuer is doing it again, and this time presents two models designed for fans of speed. But beware, what is likely to leave the fastest is your money. The Swiss brand is indeed not known for doing charity, and these two watches Mario Kart are no exception.

Unlike the connected model released last year, Tag Heuer is betting this time on two watches with traditional mechanical operation, with luxury materials and some references to the video game popular with Nintendo fans. They are both in collaboration with Formula 1, which explains their ultra-sporty look.

Watches made for racing

Credits: Tag Heuer

The more affordable Formula 1 X Mario Kart limited edition chronograph watch, sports a 44 mm polished steel case and a 16-caliber automatic chronograph movement. On a checkerboard background, you will find three mini dials as well as a some representations of Mario, the star that makes you invincible and other objects that remind us of our best games on Mario Kart.

The second watch, the limited edition tourbillon chronograph, has a 45 mm case in grade 5 titanium, far more resistant and above all more precious. At the level of the dial we can observe that it sports a more complex, more sophisticated design, with touches of red which are reminiscent of the plumber’s flagship colors. A little extra, there is a sapphire crystal on the back which allows you to see the operation of the mechanism.

Both models are completed with leather straps with a pattern reminiscent of a shell. No need to panic, this one won’t make you miss the finish line.

Price and availability

While Tag Heuer Mario Kart watches are incredibly beautiful and well-made, they are also extremely expensive. It is certain that fans of the franchise will have to put their hands in the wallet. The simple chronograph model is displayed at a price of €4,150 and will be available from October 20 at 2:00 a.m. French time. To have a chance to get your hands on it, you must register before October 17 on the Tag Heuer website.

The tourbillon chronograph edition is displayed at the astronomical price of €24,750. A trifle that will ensure you an unstoppable and foolproof style. No launch date planned for it currently, the brand will give us news shortly.

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