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This 24-karat gold Wii designed for Elizabeth II is (still) for sale



One of the most expensive consoles in the world goes on sale for the second time. This time it’s the right one.

Remember, more than a year ago, we saw appear on eBay a Wii covered with gold which should normally belong to the Queen of England. But, just as she was never able to access the salons of Buckingham Palace, she was ultimately never able to be bought… at least not last year. But all is not lost, as it seems that the most expensive Wii in the world has resurfaced, with a new sale price.

This time, the auctions take place on Goldin’s website, a name that couldn’t fit the situation better. The console is currently still in the hands of Donny Fillerup, one of the founders of the website which lists thousands of variations of consoles, vintage and modern. But this particular Wii is very different from the others.

A Wii with royal blood

For those who don’t know the story, the 24 carat gold Wii was ordered by THQ, who wanted to celebrate the release of the game. Big Family Games. To mark the occasion, he wanted the console to be sent to Queen Elizabeth II, who probably never received it. To go along with the Wii, the controllers have also been covered in gold, and they are now on sale with the console and the game.

On Goldin’s site, it is noted that Danielle Robinson, product manager at THQ at the time of ordering this Wii, said that “BIG Family Games is the ultimate Wii game to inspire all family members, from grandparents to young children, to play together. With the royal family being arguably the most important family in the country, we felt they should have a copy of the new game.”

You can still try your luck

We are also told that after the bankruptcy of THQ in 2012, the console was lost sight of, at least in the eyes of the general public. Because in reality, a collector had managed to recover it from one of his contacts within the studio, and here it is now ready to be welcomed by people like you and us, except that it will surely take a lot money to get it.

As of this writing, the 24-karat gold Wii is still priced at $2,000, which is still relatively reasonable. Remember that on eBay, auctions started at $300,000.

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