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This amazing game is free (for a few days)!



Figment is being offered to you for a limited time, just before Figment 2 goes on sale.

Experienced players know it, independent games often turn out to be incredible nuggets, precious gems that should be savored but also shared. Today, studio Bedtime Digital Games announces that its flagship game figure will become free for a limited time of a few days. This news comes to celebrate the upcoming release of the second opus, which we are impatiently awaiting.

An indie game as we like them

Those who do not yet know figure definitely missed out on something great. In this action-adventure game, you play Dusty in a world that wants to be the allegory of the human spirit. Plagued by doubts and overwhelmed by nightmares, Dusty must regain his former courage to face the twists and turns of this bruised brain. He is accompanied by Piper, an eternal optimist, who will help him in his quest.

We love his always epic fights, his colorful universe, but also his tailor-made musical atmosphere as well as his hand-drawn graphics. The sweet world of figure will therefore be free from March 2 to 9, when will be released Figure 2: Creed Valleyits sequel to the already anticipated success.

Figment 2 coming soon

In the second opus, our heroes are invested with the same mission as for the first game, and will still have to rely on their friendship to put an end to the reign of nightmares. Direction this time the valley of convictions, a darker environment which is located at the end of a path strewn with pitfalls. We still find the same musical fights as in the first game of the franchise, as well as its charming graphics.

As a reminder, figure was released in 2017 and has since racked up a million PC sales, which is no small feat for an indie game. Figure 2: Creed Valley will it be as successful? The answer from this March 9. Find here the 4 games that we expect the most this month.

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