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this character completely changes his mind!



This character changes dramatically in The Last of Us Part I comparison video.

Announced a few days ago, The Last of Us will be entitled to a remake on PS5 which should arrive in just a few days. While many expected this news, due to the many rumors circulating, it was still a shock to see the amount of work that was going to be done to revive the game in the era of time. For this, Naughty Dog intends to modernize and improve the appearance of the characters, and we had already had the right to a few still images, of Joel in particular.

On Twitter, the studio has just shared the first comparison video between the first version of The Last of Usthe one released on PS3 9 years ago, with the remake version which will be called The Last of Us Part I. We see the character of Tess, alias the former partner of Joël during his criminal past on the black market. Played by Annie Wersching, the young woman is radically different today.

Our favorite characters go under the knife

A little older, but also much more faithful to the true morphology of the actress, Tess rediscovers herself here with a more serious, darker and much more realistic air. We can see that his clothes have also been reworked, we can see the seams and you could almost touch the fabric with your fingertips. It goes without saying that Naughty Dog has put the package in terms of photorealism, even with regard to the decorations or the colorimetry.

It is reminiscent of the images we had of Joël, who also has a new look. If the change is not as noticeable as with Tess, Ellie’s spiritual father also takes a few years, but discovers a less drawn face, more rounded. Of course, we still have a lot to learn about this remake, which should also affect game environments and why not enemies?

As a reminder, The Last of Us Part I will be available only on PS5 from € 79.99 from next September 2.

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