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This console is now available without reservation!



Valve is knocking out the shortage of components and allowing players to purchase its Steam Deck without a reservation right now.

Will play god of war everywhere, all the time: it is now easily possible ! Valve is the first company to beat the component shortage head on. The firm that is behind the Steam Deck, a half-PC, half-console machine intended for gaming, announces excellent news to its future players. The coveted device, which fights against the difficult conditions of production and sale, is finally available without reservation from today.

15 months later, the situation is improving

Since its release, the Steam Deck has required players to reserve their model online, while paying a part in advance, to then receive an email a few weeks – or even months – later in order to finalize the purchase and receive their hybrid PC at the House. This process is now behind us. If you want to purchase a Steam Deck, all you have to do is head over to Valve’s site and make the purchase right away. Your copy will be delivered to you in the following days.

This should therefore help the manufacturer to streamline the entire manufacturing and shipping process, which has been improving for a few months already. Note, however, that this information does not apply to all models. If you want to pick up the Steam Deck with 64GB of internal storage and its carrying case, then you’ll need to reserve it, with an estimated delivery date between October and December 2022. Nothing to worry about, then.

The other two models, those with 256 GB and 512 GB of internal storage are immediately available. As a reminder, they are displayed at the respective prices of €419, €549 and €679. And for anyone who already owns their copy, Valve has more good news for you.

Buy the dock today

The dock is also finally available for sale on the manufacturer’s website. Rather complete, the docking station allows you to use your Steam Deck on a television or any other external screen, using a controller since those of the device are not detachable. You also have access to a variety of USB, Ethernet and HDMI ports. Sold separately, it is displayed at a price of 99€ and is also delivered in a few days.

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