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This Elden ring fan recreates a setting from the game with paper



The royal capital of Leyndell comes to life under the nimble fingers of this Elden Ring player.

game fans Elden Ring are definitely among the most inventive in the world, and this creation is proof of that. Sky Burkson couldn’t have done a work more representative of his love for Souls-like From Software. The artist excels in paper creations and therefore decided to recreate Leyndell’s decor with his fingertips before posting the result on his social networks.

He therefore shows the final result, but also and above all the stages of the project, which does not last as long as one would have thought. The idea germinated at the end of 2022, and finally came to life just a few days ago. The artist explains that to get there, he had to focus on his creation in the evening when his children were in bed, which did not leave him much time despite the weeks that have passed.

A true virtuoso of paper, Sky Burkson has also equipped himself with several materials to reinforce the base but also to give texture to his decor. He explains that he usedbasswood pieces, toothpicks, clear resin, floral wire and wool on a hardwood base“. It goes without saying that the result is simply stunning, from all possible angles.

A gamer at heart and down to the fingertips

While he also describes how the creative process for this work of paper came to him, he confesses that he took great pleasure in building this diorama and that he now thinks of making it the first in a series devoted to emblematic places, qu ‘they come from’Elden Ring or not. We also find on his profile another equally impressive creation of realism, straight from the universe of Bloodborne. No need to ask him what his favorite style of play is. Experienced gamers will recognize a whole host of franchises in his posts, from Hollow Knight To Kingdom HeartsPassing by Diddy Kong Racing.

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