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One of the latest in the gaming subscription service has succeeded in dethroning the titles that have reigned supreme until now.

Halo, Forza and Minecraft just have to behave. A new competitor has just arrived in the Game Pass and is already upsetting the balance of power established in the catalog. Since the implementation of this gaming formula to access hundreds of games, the strongest licenses from Microsoft have remained at the top of the list. We used to find Forza Horizon 5, Minecraft or Halo Infinite on the subscription home page.

Unfortunately for these few titles, this monopoly is now history. At the beginning of December, we presented the line-up of the month for the Xbox Game Pass, which was already shaping up to be one of the best we’ve ever seen. It only took a week for one of the games to steal the show and establish itself as the new giant of the formula. The lucky winner is none other than High on Lifethe FPS imagined by the creator of Rick and Morty.

High in the leaderboards too

However, High on Life is far from having unanimous support on its release. The adventure was then riddled with bugs and other performance issues. However, despite these setbacks, the title has obviously succeeded in finding its audience. The crass humor characteristic of the works of Justin Roiland as well as his cult voice were enough to attract players.

The vice-president of Xbox Games wanted to congratulate the teams on this success through a tweet that does not hesitate to play with words in English:

โ€œHow far can High on Life go? All UP is the correct answer.โ€

It remains to be seen how long the game will be able to enjoy this new success. Even if this status should not be granted to it for long, the title can still boast of having imposed itself so quickly among competitors established for a long time.

This success also proves that players are looking for new licenses. We live in a time when video games are often limited to sequels, reboots or remakes, making the slightest novelty more satisfying than usual. High on Life is playable now on Xbox, PC and Cloud via Xbox Game Pass or direct purchase on Steam, Microsoft and Epic Games Store for โ‚ฌ49.99.

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