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This Hot Wheels game turns your living room into a wild circuit



After Mario Kart: Home Circuit, here comes the Hot Wheels variant that brings the little metal cars of our childhood to life.

Notice to motor racing and toy fans: the Hot Wheels circuits are installed in our interiors in a version never seen before. If we are used to orange plastic courses, it’s time to discover the future of small cars. With the use of mixed reality, automobiles race in real life, but display completely different images on a screen. If Hot Wheels have never had the right to this kind of technology, the concept is far from new and has already been exploited by Nintendo. Mario Kart: Home Circuit offered to organize its own cups directly in the living room.

This title developed by Velan Studios had made the happiness of the players, but had to frighten some pets or parents faced with the state of their interior. Never mind, the studio is repackaging through a partnership with Mattel to offer the same type of gameplay to Hot Wheels cars. The game will be available March 14 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and even iOS through the purchase ofa $130 starter kit (so most likely 130€). At that price, what does this famous Hot Wheels: Rift Rally ?

Speed, drifts and customization

As with the Mario Kart version, the basic kit comes with a remote-controlled car and four portals to place as you see fit. By driving the car through it, the game draws a route that will appear on the screen thanks to the small vehicle’s on-board camera. The game encourages creativity to create surprising races based on books as a springboard or even slaloms between the legs of a table.

In addition to offering this race mode”classic, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally will also offer the possibility of playing a fashion “stunt (hear cascade) in order to play the four hundred blows in the living room. Mixed reality racing in this version feels more dynamic than Mario Kart’s thanks to a variety of on-screen drifts and tricks. Also, a customization dimension will allow players to enrich their experience. With 140 different vehicles all of which can be modified to suit the driver, the changes also impact the real car which will move faster or slower.

Note that it will also be possible to play multiplayer with a second car. PlayStation players will also be able to enjoy a cooperative mode where control of the same vehicle is shared between two people.

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