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This incredible video game pays homage to anime from the 70s and 80s



Jumplight Odyssey has everything to please fans of the first anime, the proof is with this nostalgic trailer.

If retrogaming is an increasingly popular trend in the world of video games, the development of titles inspired by the last century is also a trend that is gaining more and more space. In the middle of Pixel Art, fighting games or even arcade games, Jumplight Odyssey will try to find a place for itself with its universe inspired by the animation of the 1970s.

Star Blazers, Ulysses 31 or Captain Harlock, science fiction was rife in the world of anime nearly 50 years ago. Jumplight Odyssey wants to bring the genre back to life with a colorful, action-packed simulation game that pays homage to the visuals of the era. After a trailer, the title has already won our hearts.

Join the Forever Star

Developed by the League of Geeks studio, the game transports you to a spaceship, the last refuge of the inhabitants of your planet, an ecosystem lost in the galaxy. The goal is therefore to build the perfect haven of peace, to fight space pirates and to better manage cohabitation in the heart of the Milky Way.

In terms of gameplay, the studio brings its game closer to another video game icon, Faster Than Light. Although the strategy is not in order, the reflection will be there as well as a lot of action. For the moment, no gameplay images have been revealed, but we know that each decision you make will have consequences on your adventure.

availability date

For this title, plans for a PC release in 2023, with early access on Steam. Jumplight Odyssey can already be added to your wishlist on the platform. That other players console(s), PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are also planned, just after the early access period on PC.

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