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this is the good news that fans have been waiting for!



Even before the release of the second episode of the franchise, the director made revelations about the future of Cal Kestis.

Cal and BD-1 are late. Originally, the very distant galaxy of Star Wars met the players on next march 15. For the sake of perfection, EA and Respawn have made the decision to postpone the landing of the duo to April 28. This new adventure already promises to be worthy of the original, and should even surpass it.

Rather linear environments will give way to a much larger and more open world. The exploration experience should be on par with the flora and fauna of the Star Wars universe. If we are to believe the first images of gameplay, the fights will also take the lead with new double saber techniques and ever tougher opponents.

Fallen Order was already giving a hard time and this second episode should satisfy Souls-like aficionados. The success of this new saga Star Wars is such that the fans are already anxious at the idea of ​​seeing it come to an end. Stig Asmussen, director of these titles tries to reassure players: games should not deviate from tradition Star Wars.

No episode 2 without episode 3

By confiding in our colleagues fromIGNAsmussen does not cut corners, star wars jedi has always been thought of as a trilogy, like the films from which it is inspired. “I always wanted to see it as a trilogy. How can we transport Cal and his team to new horizons beyond what we did in the first game?” he recounted.

During the development of Survivor and setting up the script elements, the teams have already planned “ideas for the future”. In addition to talking about the future of the story, Stig Asmusssent also talked about the technical evolution of the franchise. If they manage to convince EA to take the plunge for a third episode, it will make a passage on the Unreal Engine 5.

While Jedi Survivor already offers stunning visuals on the previous version of the graphics engine, the third installment should exceed the limits of the hardware of the next-gen consoles. Now, patience is key. Before projecting too far, there are only a few weeks left before discovering episode 2 with great ambitions.

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