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this LEGO construction is insane!



This LEGO Super Mario Bros build is fully motorized and handcrafted.

LEGO fans will not believe their eyes. At BrickCon 2022, a large-scale event that has taken place in Seattle every year for the past 20 years, many fans presented their spectacular works, and that of Brandon Jones could not be more geeky! The enthusiast has indeed reconstructed an entire level of the Super Mario Bros game, with three levels, parts from collector sets and a ton of motorization to animate everything.

As we see in the video below, the structure is colossal and faithfully represents the first hours of the game, the small bricks strongly reminding us of the pixels of the 80s. This construction will have required many hours of work in Brandon and more than 12,000 parts, including 14 separate engines. These allow the builder to move the enemies, but also the decorative elements of the level as if we could play it in real life.

An impressive and unique achievement

Obviously, this is an artisanal creation, so you will not be able to find and buy a set bearing his image in the trade. If you want to achieve a similar result, you will have to be imaginative and listen to Brandon’s few indications shared in this video. On his Flickr page, where he exhibits his constructions, he does not give further details on the composition of his work.

Be aware, however, that Mario fans can get all the most official sets directly from the LEGO site. These are certainly less ambitious but have the advantage of being more accessible and available for sale. It’s up to you to add your touch if you feel like it, and to share your creations with the rest of the world. Brandon Jones has no other plans in mind at the moment. Mario in Motion could therefore be his first and last construction.

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