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this mini portable dock is perfect for travel



Do you think the Nintendo Switch dock is too bulky? Go for this unofficial miniature version.

One of the main advantages of the Nintendo Switch over its competitors is that it can be used anywhere in portable mode, even on an airplane. Small, but also light and compact, it has the gift of slipping into any bag and accompanying us on all our adventures. However, things get a bit tricky when you want to take all the paraphernalia of the living room mode.

Indeed, it is necessary to take additional accessories, in particular the docking station to connect the Nintendo Switch to an external screen, as well as the supplied charger and the HDMI cable. All of this can quickly take up a lot of space, especially if you want to travel light. The Genki brand has therefore thought of all adventurers with a portable dock called Genki Covert Dock.

If the classic version already made it possible to save a lot of space, the company today presents a mini version, which has the particularity of being as small as a lambda power adapter. It is actually 20 times smaller than the classic dock sold with the Nintendo Switch and therefore not only fits in any bag, but also in any pocket.

A technological Swiss army knife

Credits: Human Things

The Genki Covert Dock Mini has many advantages, such as being compatible with countless other devices, such as your smartphone or your laptop. For this improved version of the portable dock, the company relies on the colors of the Nintendo Switch OLED but also those of the PS5, the accessory is therefore very modern. Why is such a device “revolutionary”?

Anyone who’s ever tried to connect their Nintendo Switch to their TV without going through the dock – using only the HDMI cable and the included USB-C charger – knows that’s mission impossible. Nintendo has sown a few pitfalls that make it mandatory to use the dock. This is why the Genki Covert Dock is so useful and has already been adopted by many gamers.

A mini version almost without concessions

With the mini version, players can also take advantage of 4K support, which won’t be useful to you with the Nintendo Switch, but might be useful with the Steam Deck, or even your laptop. If no screen is detected, then the block switches to charging mode and no longer to retransmission mode.

Unlike its big brother, it does not have adapters for the different types of sockets. At the moment it does not seem to be available for sale yet because the kickstarter project isn’t finished yet, but the original Covert Dock is priced at $74.99 with adapters, and $69.99 without on Genki’s website.

Nintendo Switch OLED at the best price Base price: €349

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