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This mix between Zelda and Kiki’s Delivery Service is a hit on Kickstarter



If the Ghibli classic and Zelda’s Wind Waker episode are close to your heart, this new indie game is for you!

Quite often, the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter hides great nuggets in terms of video games. It is thanks to these crowdfunding campaigns in particular that players around the world have been able to enjoy cult titles such as Undertale, Divinity: Original Sin or Darkest Dungeon. These success stories motivate more and more small developers to embark on the adventure. While many surprising games go almost unnoticed (we think in particular of the Monster Prom series), others face dazzling success.

This is the case of Mika and the Witch’s Mountain, the latest trending title on the funding platform. The game was coming on Kickstarter only 6 days ago with a goal of €40,000. While the teams behind the project shared their fears on Twitter ahead of launch, it only took a few hours for the game to be fully funded.

With each passing day, new goals are exceeded and the success never stops. With over €271,294 raised at the time of these lines, this nugget continues to fly towards new horizons. But how to explain such a success? The fans of Zelda and Ghibli just have to behave because there is enough to touch their sensitive and nostalgic chord.

Delivery in one working day with a magic broom

If you’ve always dreamed of live the sweet and simple life of Kiki’s Delivery Service of the eponymous film, you are in vain. Mika and the Witch’s Mountain follows exactly the principle of his profession, all carried by an aesthetic with small onions which is reminiscent of a certain Zelda Wind Waker. With such ingredients, there is enough to convince geeks around the world.

The young witch (who almost reminds us of the protagonist of the excellent A Hat in Time) will have to explore the island of Mont Gaun from top to bottom to carry out the missions of its customers. In parallel with her delivery business, she will have to elucidate the mysteries of the region to become an exemplary witch, like the powerful Olagari. If these premises already make you want to, know that the visuals have just as much potential. Bright colors, colorful characters and almost dreamlike landscapes promise a memorable adventure.

According to the first trailers, the sensations in flight seem very effective and reserve a most pleasant exploration. For now, the title is scheduled for release in October 2023. But in the face of the meteoric success of the financing, the development ambitions could well be scaled up for an even more charming result. While waiting to learn more about the future of the title, know that participating in the effort of this campaign has many surprises in store for you.

On Kickstarter, the developers always intend to reward charitable souls. The first tier will offer the game in dematerialized as well as wallpapers, while the following ones contain physical gifts such as stickers, tarot cards, a poster and much more. One thing is certain, Mika and the Witch’s Mountain will be one of the indie releases not to be missed. While waiting for its release, know thata first demo is available until February 13 as part of Steam NeoFest then: to your brooms!

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