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This modder plays Elden Ring with a baby controller!



Rudeism strikes again. This time around, he’s tackling Elden Ring with a Fisher Price baby controller.

Streamer and modder Rudeism is particularly known among gamers for his inventiveness. Indeed, he always finds original ways to play his favorite titles, and generally modifies the controller he uses. No classic joystick or even mouse / keyboard for this artist, who prefers to bet on much more original tools. After seeing him play with a lightsaber, fruit, and even his voice, the streamer is playing Elden Ring with a child’s development toy.

Not just any, since it is a Fisher Price baby controller, very colorful and above all very unsuitable for the situation. On Twitter, however, he shares a video in which we see him playing with this tool in a rather fluid way. Obviously, to achieve this result, the gamer had to completely reprogram the controller so that it corresponded to the usual commands.

Not necessarily the most suitable tool, but at least the funniest

We can see that the model used has an architecture similar to Xbox controllers with asymmetrical buttons and joysticks. Moreover, it lacks the right joystick, which is generally used to control the camera, as well as the Pause buttons. To fix this, the streamer just needs to slide the yellow button in the bottom right, which changes the programming of several buttons.

The left joystick therefore becomes a right joystick, and the buttons with the letters replace the pause buttons, and possibly the touchpad on PlayStation. The triggers are also quite special, and the streamer must actually turn a wheel or press a button to attack. All the while, the controller makes the noises and music it’s supposed to make every time you touch a button. A bit annoying in the long run, although that aspect can surely be changed as well.

Most interesting now would be to see how fast Rudeism can complete Elden Ring with this extraordinary controller. If he’s not known for speedrunning, Elden Ring is already the scene of many wacky challenges, such as finishing the game without attacking. One more to the list would therefore not be refused.

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