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This motorized bed is every gamer’s absolute dream



Do you think video games? Dream video games? And even eat video games? This amazing bed is for you.

In the category of gaming accessories, we can find objects as varied as mice, helmets or even furniture with gaming chairs. And for those who want to go even further, you can even find gaming beds, which provide the player with optimal comfort and above all an organization exclusively focused on video games. This is what the Bauhütte brand offers with this motorized bed specially designed so that you never leave it.

The incredible thing about the Bauhütte electric bed is that it tilts in three different places to take you from a flat sleeping position, to a playing position, with your back and legs. inclined legs, in seconds. Watch it in action in the video below.

In terms of features, the backrest can straighten up to an angle of 60°, and the legs up to 35°. The two controls are separable, so you can raise the backrest independently of the legs, and vice versa. Suffice to say that the positioning possibilities are almost incalculable.

After the bed, why not buy the desk?

Obviously, the brand has made sure that this bed goes hand in hand with another essential accessory for hardcore gamers: a bed desk. It is the one that we see in the photos below, with a shape that completely embraces that of the bed previously presented. In fact, it is as practical as the bed itself.

Credits: Bauhütte

It, too, is electrically powered for raising or lowering, and has a few hidden features. For example, you can attach other accessories to certain places, and even has a rack for instant noodle bowls. The panoply that every gamer dreams of having to spend long hours playing, without worrying about the outside world.

These two accessories do not seem to be available for sale in France, but are nevertheless displayed on Amazon Japan website, at the single price of 59,800 ¥, which is equivalent to approximately 435 euros, for the bed only. The desktop is not yet displayed.

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