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This new feature of the Xbox app on PC will please gamers



Microsoft is updating the Xbox app on PC to incorporate HowLongToBeat. This free service gives an estimate of the time needed to finish a game.

When launching a new game, you may wonder how long does it take to finish it. Some titles take a long time, others can be completed in just a few hours. The problem is that you don’t always know what you’re going to find, unless you look for this information on the web. Microsoft wants to make it easier for you and is taking advantage of the start of the school year to update its Xbox application on PC.

The new version now integrates HowLongToBeata service that provides an estimate of how long it will take you to complete a game. From the details page of most PC Game Pass titles, the tool offers different estimates such as the duration to complete the main story where the time needed to finish a title at 100%. Between the two, you can display an estimate of the duration to complete main story and side quests (medals, unlockables). Finally, a fourth estimate called “Combined” displays a average time needed taking into account all styles of play.

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To offer HowLongToBeat, Xbox goes through a partnership with this community site. It is even possible to go on this site to see details of the entire Game Pass library or browse through different categories (New, Top Rated, Achievement Hunters…). The Xbox team is also taking the opportunity to improve the detail pages to display key information.

Microsoft improves the performance of its Xbox application

This new version of the application also offers best performance. “ We are committed to continuing to improve the performance and stability of the app”, says Microsoft. The Redmond firm announces that the latest update allows the Xbox application to launch up to 15% faster. “We also fixed bugs to make it more responsive when using key features”.

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