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This PlayStation 5 exclusive is finally coming to PC?



One of the mascots of PlayStation should soon make its entry on PC for the greatest pleasure of the players.

Step by step, the PlayStation 5 continues to be exported to PC and should very soon welcome an iconic duo. In 2020, Sony embarked on the porting adventure with the publication of its biggest PlayStation Studios exclusives on another platform: a first for the manufacturer. The arrival ofHorizon Zero Dawn on Steam and the Epic Games Store in August 2020 marked the start of hostilities.

Since then, many titles have made their debut on the computer, namely god of war, Spiderman Or Uncharted to recite nobody else but them. Even The Last of Us will be entitled to this treatment as of March 28 : enough to relive the adventure after the conclusion of the series. Proud of these successes outside the parent platform, PlayStation does not intend to stop there.

Last October, PlayStation Studios CEO Hermen Hulst revealed his intentions to Reuters. The objective: to export as many titles as possible on mobile and PC at a pace respectful enough for console players. No question of releasing a port less than a year after the release of the original version. This means that a bunch of nuggets can now be ported to PC, starting with Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

Another professional leak

In the video game industry, it regularly happens that a job offer betrays an as yet unannounced project. This time, a PC version of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart could well be the source of a talent search by the Nixxes studio. These teams now working under the PlayStation Studios umbrella have been responsible for ports of Spiderman And Spider-Man Miles Morales.

The published announcement plays in discretion, but it is not without counting on the players with the soul of detective. This is about the development of interfaces for future triple A on PC. In the details of the requested profile, it is indicated that experience with the Coherent middleware would be a significant plus. If this means absolutely nothing to ordinary mortals, this simple statement acts as a real revelation for others.

Coherent is used in the development of some games, including the famous Ratchet and Clank of the PlayStation 5. Since Nixxes has already taken care of titles signed Insomniac Games (nldr: the Spiderman), the objective of this announcement seems to be all found. Apart from these speculations, the arrival of this title on PC is obvious. PlayStation is keen to bring its greatest hits to a wider audience, and Rift Apart is undoubtedly one of the best titles of the PS5.

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