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After the film scheduled for March, Paramount formalizes the arrival of a Dungeons and Dragons series to the delight of fans.

It is one of the most anticipated adaptations of the beginning of 2023. The film Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Thieves hasn’t been released yet, it’s already been talked about a lot. It will soon no longer be the only one, since Paramount confirms the development of a live-action series inspired by the D&D universe.

The information is relayed by Deadline exclusively, and tells us that the series should be completely independent of the film scheduled for the month of March. However, it should not take long to arrive and we already have some information on its format and production. The pilot was directed and written by Rawson Marshall Thurber, behind the Netflix movie Red Notice.

The work itself will contain 8 episodes in all, which will be available on Paramount + in a single batch. We do not know for the moment what the plot will be made of, nor which actors have been approached to integrate the cast of the series. It will take a little patience before learning more about it and having a first trailer to eat.

Adapting Dungeons and Dragons: a fake good idea?

The news could in any case not delight everyone. Indeed, the film, also produced by Paramount, is not to the liking of all fans, and even scares some of them. On the networks, many expect the feature film to flop. Yet all the elements of D&D folklore are present and visually the special effects seem to hold up, at least in the trailers.

Expected for April 12, the film Dungeons and Dragons will have to prove himself and will in spite of himself determine the success or otherwise of the upcoming Paramount+ series. However, the world of tabletop role-playing games is so rich that it is quite possible to reinvent it in several completely different ways.

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