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This promising game gives its news (and they are good)!



Atlas Fallen returns after several months of silence with a preview of its gameplay and a very soon release date.

This year 2023 has many surprises in store for us, some even whose existence had escaped us. This is the case ofAtlas Fallen, a promising RPG that was first unveiled at Gamescom 2022 last summer. The game published by Focus Home Entertainment and developed by Deck13 had only shown a trailer entirely made in CGI, so we had very little information on the title itself… until today. today.

In effect, Atlas Fallen returns to the limelight after months of silence with a full gameplay trailer, as well as an imminent release date. Does the game manage to sustain the revelation craze? In any case, the studio is going to great lengths to sell its game as the next great open-world adventure coming to consoles and PC.

Prince of Athia?

At first glance, the video game world agreed thatAtlas Fallen looked very familiar with Forspoken And Prince of Persia, an impression that is confirmed with this new video. We follow the adventures of a “hero who rises up against the reign of a tyrannical god“, in a desert universe with only sand and ruins as far as the eye can see.

According to a developer post published by PlayStation, it turns out thatAtlas Fallen is actually a semi-open world, like god of war. We will therefore find large areas, where you can move freely before moving on to the next area. Our as-yet-unnamed hero possesses a powerful artifact, capable of manipulating the Essence – a form of ancient magic – held in all objects around you, including the surrounding sand.

The sand allows you to summon weapons, among three different types: the DunecleaverTHE sandwhip and the Knuckledust. Their characteristics are detailed here. As we can see in the trailer, you can also slide on the sand to move, launch yourself in the air or even destroy seals to explore otherwise forbidden areas.

An imminent release date

The good news is thatAtlas Fallen will be out in a few months. See you on May 16 to discover this adventure promised to success. We note however that its exit is not really strategic when we consider that Zelda Tears of the Kingdom arrives only 4 days before, on May 12th.

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