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This PS5 exclusive is coming soon to Xbox Series X/S



As expected, Deathloop joins the ranks of Microsoft by settling in the Xbox Game Pass catalog next week.

The hour long awaited by Xbox fans has soon arrived. A year ago the game came out death loop on PS5, a thrilling action adventure title centered on the difficulty of leaving a time loop (alive). A console exclusivity that delighted PlayStation players when it was released since it gave them the feeling of making their console purchase profitable. However, the timing of this event was set in stone and things are about to change.

In effect, death loop will soon join the Xbox ecosystem, inviting itself to Xbox Series X / S and the Xbox Game Pass catalog, and this all exactly one year after the game’s release. next September 20 that players will be able to enjoy the title. As a reminder, you play as Colt, a man who wakes up with no memory on the beach of a special island. He understands very quickly that he is stuck in a time loop, from which he must get out by killing 8 specific targets… and scattered all over the island.

The challenge is therefore to gather these eight targets in order to kill them in one and the same day, while avoiding being killed by Julianna, a particularly tough sniper. During our test, we appreciated its visual atmosphere as well as its damn effective gameplay for those who like puzzles.

What’s new for the Xbox version?

The re-release of death loop on Xbox inevitably raises the question of what’s new. As soon as it is available, the game will ship with it the GOLDENLOOP update, which adds to the base title a new weapon, a new powerful ability, new enemy types and an extended ending. All previous updates will be automatically integrated into the game, so Xbox players won’t suffer from a chaotic launch.

If we expected this event following the acquisition of ZeniMax Media – the parent company of Bethesda – we do not yet know if the same fate will be reserved for the franchises of Activision Blizzard. None of the studio’s licenses are exclusive to the PlayStation ecosystem, but some of them could still join Xbox Game Pass permanently, to the delight of subscribers. We will have the answer by next year, Microsoft is still under the scrutiny of international anti-monopoly authorities.

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