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This teenager drops out of school to play Fortnite and wins a colossal sum



Benjyfishy’s mother obviously made the right bet by removing her son from school to earn a living on Fortnite… or not?

If our society is indeed at a turning point in terms of the place of video games (and digital entertainment in general) in the lives of our children and adolescents, the story of Benjyfishy is one of those anecdotes that manage to make us think. Few years ago, the then 15-year-old’s mother decides to take him out of school… to play Fortnite and earn money.

The one who calls himself Benjyfishy is an inveterate gamer who spends his nights on the console and his current days. The Brit quickly struggles to keep up, so his parents have to make a drastic decision. If many would have thought of having their son stop playing video games in favor of school, Benjyfishy’s mother chose the opposite when she saw the amount of money he manages to earn by participating in esports tournaments.

Remember that three years ago, Fortnite was still at a stage of great popularity and that the cash pools of professional and semi-professional competitions amounted to astronomical sums. Why not take advantage of all this while studying at home and graduating in three years (instead of two)? A situation that would scare any Chinese minister today.

Benjyfishy quickly became disillusioned

However, the decision turned out to be fruitful since Benjyfishy won $570,256 – or around 535,000 euros – between the ages of 15 and 18. Half a million euros arrived at the majority, it is huge for the family who did not think that video games could bring in so much. Only here, with time, the craze around Fortnite dissipated, and the money flew away.

In his final year, Benjyfishy was only able to bring in €1500, not because he suddenly got extremely bad, but because the esports scene leaves very little room for battle royale anymore. This is why the young man has today decided to leave Fortnite for another popular shooter, we named Valorant.

leave school for fortnite, A false good idea ?

Even if his career were to end now, Benjyfishy at 18 managed to earn several years of wages in just 4 years. This remains a prime example of extremely profitable productivity. At this age, the young man could still completely resume his studies or pass diplomas as a free candidate. Because what this story does not teach us is the purpose of the adolescent’s school career. However, this does not seem to be on the program since the esports player is now dedicated to competition on Valorant.

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