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This Xbox controller has a built-in OLED display



Asus unveils an Xbox and PC controller with an integrated OLED screen. What can this be used for?

Tech product aficionados already know that one of the biggest trade shows is currently taking place in Las Vegas. CES 2023 is full of innovations of all kinds, and this also concerns the world of gaming. On site, Asus unveiled a brand new controller for Xbox and PC players, the Raikiri Pro, with a whole host of technologies at its service. The strong point of this accessory remains its integrated OLED screen.

The latter is located just above the Xbox button and measures only 1.3 inches for a resolution of 128 x 40. If this may seem quite gadget, the screen can still have multiple uses: display personalized animations, notifications, the microphone or battery status bar, change profile or view the status of the Bluetooth connection, among other things. This is particularly advantageous so that you don’t have to leave your game to consult this information.

Triple connectivity at your service

Moreover, we find on the Asus controller everything we need to take the advantage in a game. Joysticks have variable sensitivity, buttons can be reassigned to your liking, and multiple profiles can be saved to switch from game to game, or user to user. Four paddles/buttons sit on the back for truly professional use at your fingertips.

Another plus point is the accessory’s connectivity. The Raikiri Pro supports connection via Bluetooth, USB-C cable or RF mode. This makes it a rather PC-oriented product, which Asus confirms by explaining that the controller can only be used on Xbox Series X / S via the UBS-C cable connection. Note that with an integrated screen, it is possible that the battery of the controller is a little less durable than a classic model.

In terms of design, the accessory has the advantage of being under an official Xbox license, so we find a font as well as a general look in the nails of what we know, made rather nice thanks to the transparent plastic on the top and the lighting that splits the lever on both sides. No price or release date were announced at CES, but it looks like the Raikiri Pro should be here soon. a release during the first quarter of 2023 is envisaged.

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