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This YouTuber beats Nintendo at its own copyright game



A YouTuber has finally won his case against Nintendo in a copyright case.

Nintendo is not known for its leniency or indulgence. The Japanese studio behind the games mario scrutinizes everything that has a close or distant relationship with his image and does not hesitate to defend it tooth and nail when the urge arises. One of the fields most exploited by the firm is YouTube, where videos by creators related to Nintendo are often forcibly removed.

We are talking in particular about videos featuring the music of the studio’s games, or even documentaries like that of the channel DidYouKnowGaming. If small creators do not often win their case against a giant like Nintendo, it seems that this time the Japanese had to comply with the law in favor of the youtubeur.

On Twitter, he explains that he received an official response from YouTube, a few weeks after his video on a Zelda game pitch never developed was removed from the platform. Invoking image rights, the firm was more than reluctant to risk seeing its “reputation” tarnished through a documentary that is nevertheless all the more journalistic and informative. trying his luck, DidYouKnowGaming appealed this decision, which was obviously the right choice to adopt.

In its email, YouTube warns the content creator that “in accordance with the Digital Millinium Copyright Act, we have completed processing your appeal. The following videos were restored unless you deleted them.

An example for the future?

This is good news for the youtuber, but also for all the small content creators who see this as an opportunity to stand up against the Japanese giant and its “oppression”. Copyright and image rights rules are particularly strict on YouTube, as well as on Twitch, a little freedom or at least flexibility would not be refused for many of them.

DansGaming, which responds to the case on Twitter, also explains: “Filing an appeal means that YouTube must legally challenge the content as a neutral third party. The information you submitted in the request is transmitted to Nintendo. Now, if they want the content taken down for good, they’ll have to sue. I doubt they do, because it’s expensive. Most companies spam to scare people. Let’s hope this system is behind us!

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