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Trial of Dominico Scarfo | Police mole seeks revenge on defendant, pleads defense



Dominico Scarfo is the victim of a crusade by the police double agent, who has sought revenge because he believes the accused wanted to kill him.

This is the conclusion reached by Scarfo’s lawyer, Mr.and Luc Trempe, whose turn it was to plead Friday morning, at his client’s jury trial.

Dominico Scarfo is accused of plotting and committing the premeditated murders of Montreal mob lieutenants Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito in 2016.

According to the prosecution theory, Scarfo was the shooter in Giordano’s murder. In the case of Sollecito, he would have driven in a black car in front of the mafioso’s vehicle, forcing the latter to make an obligatory stop of several seconds, to give time to an accomplice to shoot him down.

Scarfo was then betrayed by this accomplice who recorded him without his knowledge, at the request of the Sûreté du Québec, during the summer of 2019.

Most of this trial, which lasted two months, was based on the testimony of this civilian undercover agent (AC) – whose identity is protected – and on the recordings he made.

Group fire on the ACI

Mand Trempe attacked the civilian undercover officer’s credibility on several fronts, to weaken the rest of the evidence and raise reasonable doubt among the jurors.

“The witness is not telling the truth and he is not reliable”, launched the criminal lawyer to the jurors.

According to Mand Trempe, the ACI had a certain hold on his client, because he needed money in 2019 and the former killer could allow him to obtain it.

“The prosecution told you that the evidence came from the mouth of Mr. Scarfo, but it is false,” said the lawyer, according to whom nothing in the recordings constitutes the slightest admission on the part of his client.

“ACI said twice during his testimony that he wanted to crucify Mr. Scarfo because he believed that in late 2016 or early 2017, the accused took part in a plan to kill him. The ACI had two years to prepare their revenge. He was not an objective, independent and disinterested witness like the other witnesses at trial,” Mr.and Quench.

The criminal lawyer raised a few things he considers to be flaws in ACI’s testimony and in the evidence presented, including that a witness said that Giordano’s killer was around 25 years old, that it’s DNA of another individual who was found on the revolver abandoned on the spot by the killer, that no witness or camera saw or filmed a black car driving in front of Rocco Sollecito’s SUV a few seconds before he was killed .

Mand Finally, Trempe raised the fact that the recordings show that his client does not know the Mafia-related individuals mentioned during the conversations, which proves, according to him, that Scarfo is not part of a criminal organization.

Judge Michel Pennou, of the Superior Court, will give his instructions to the jury at the beginning of next week, which will then deliberate behind closed doors.

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