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Twitch offers you 3 months of Xbox Game Pass: here’s how to take advantage of it



Hurry, you only have a few days to take advantage of this exclusive offer resulting from a partnership between Xbox and Twitch

The Xbox Game Pass program for early November has just been unveiled and offers a whole lot of nuggets not to be missed. And precisely, here comes an unmissable offer to take advantage of without spending a single euro. PC gamers are spoiled by Microsoft and Twitch who come together to offer an offer like no other. Indeed, subscriptions on the streaming platform can get you three months of Xbox Game Pass. Note however that this is about the PC version of the subscription offer and that console players are not affected by this offer.

So if you are PC gamer and looking for great games like Halo Infinite Where Persona 5 Royal, so it’s time to hit Twitch. It only takes a few steps to obtain this Grail, free or almost free depending on the approach chosen. So here’s how to go about it.

One subscription can hide another

It’s a strange synergy that the two partners offer us for this occasion. These are subscriptions to Twitch channels that allow you to receive a code to be used on the Microsoft site in order to access the PC Game Pass catalog. For this, it will be necessary to proceed from November 3 at 6 p.m. to November 11 at 11 p.m. in order to be eligible for this promotion.
Once connected to Twitch, two approaches are available to players.

The acquisition or donation of two subscriptions to Twitch channels is enough to find the three months of Game Pass. So the players the lucky ones who manage to get two subs will get their code for free. Otherwise, just be generous and offer two subscriptions at €3.99 each. Knowing that a month of PC Game Pass initially costs €9.99, it is possible with this offer to get three for only €7.98. Better yet, offering the subs to a friend will allow a loved one to take advantage of this opportunity and even split the cost in half. Please note that the subs included with Amazon Prime will not work.

Last important remark, the resulting code will only work for accounts that have never purchased an Xbox Game Pass subscription before. It is therefore not possible to extend a current subscription with this offer. Microsoft hopes to bring its record-breaking Game Pass to even more players, while benefiting Twitch at the same time. You have 7 days to jump at the chance then to your subs!

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