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two Mario Party games coming soon



Nintendo unveils the next games to integrate the N64 catalog of the Switch Online subscription.

This is yet another masterstroke from Nintendo. The firm reveals to us the names of the next retro games that will integrate the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack service and we can once again expect something heavy. On Twitter, the studio announces that these are the mythical Mario Party 1 and 2 which will soon join the ranks of Nintendo 64 titles, to the delight of collectors.

Subscribers will be able to take advantage of these two opuses from November 2, and thus have them rediscover them during evenings with friends or family. It’s obviously a great addition for the family console, and the oldest should enjoy remembering some of the iconic boards, such as the Pirate Country, the Space Country or the Western Country. Released in 1998 and 1999 respectively, both games still have many hours of fun to offer.

Endless benefits

As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch Online subscription allows you to play online and access certain retro NES and SNES games, in addition to other advantages. It is available for €19.99 per year for an individual account, and €34.99 per year for a family account.

For double the price, either €39.99 or €69.99, you can access the additional pack, which allows you to play N64 and Mega Drive games on your Switch, and access new additional content ( DLC in Animal Crossingremastered track pass on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and DLC in Splatoon 2).

Also on Twitter, Nintendo announces that subscribers to the additional pack will soon be able to take advantage of three exclusive bonuses, starting November 1. Like a power-up in video games, you can receive twice as many coins by making purchases on the Nintendo eShop or even unlock icon elements bearing the image of the Nintendo 64.

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