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Ubisoft launches one of its biggest license on the mobile market



Smartphone games are an increasingly profitable market and Ubisoft is following the trend by bringing one of its flagship franchises to it.

A future juggernaut of mobile games signed Ubisoft will soon arrive on our smartphones. After some “small” titles like Assassin’s Creed Rebellion or Rayman Adventuresthe studio of Breton origin arrives this time with a major smartphone version of a cult game.

This is franchise The Division who will have the honor of being derived in a mobile game, but beware: Ubisoft does not go hand in hand. It is not a question here of creating a simple spin-off to the two original titles but of making it a title in its own right, with a functioning similar to that of its big brothers.

The Division recipe to take everywhere

The first details of this announcement as well as the short cinematic trailer of the game suggest a sizeable project that promises a premium experience worthy of the license. The Division Resurgence will be a free-to-play title (unsurprisingly) that will offer third-person open-world gameplay identical to the main titles of the saga, with missions playable alone or in multiplayer.

This new episode is therefore intended as a full-fledged version offering the authentic experience The Division on smartphones. In addition, this one will bring new story elements to the vast world of the franchise since the adventure will take place in the same universe but will offer an independent narration to its predecessors. One should even get new perspectives on key events from past titles.

Although the game does not yet have an official release date, the first tests should start very soon for a handful of lucky players selected by the hand (it is also possible to register right here). There is, however, concern about the economic modelue of this future game. The essence of the saga being based on an RPG system where improving your equipment is the key, it is to be hoped that The Division Resurgence does not end like Diablo Immortal where optimizing a character can cost you a kidney.

As a reminder, The Division is not the only title in the Tom Clancy’s saga to be ported to mobile. There will also be a smartphone version of Rainbow Six Siege very soon.

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