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Ubisoft’s new free-to-play is in danger?



Rumors of cancellation fuse on the networks pushing Ubisoft to set the record straight and reassure players.

On May 25, Ubisoft released its brand new free-to-play sports game to the tunes of Rocket League on roller skates: Roller Champions. While the title offers original gameplay, it faced a difficult launch riddled with all kinds of bugs and disconcerting instability. Despite everything, the game carried by a sympathetic artistic direction and a desire to do well deserves to be repaired and taken further by the studio.

However, Jeff Grubb, a journalist specializing in leaks of all kinds, revealed in the podcast Xbox Era that the title was already going to be dropped by Ubisoft after its third season. This announcement did not fail to make a big splash on social networks and players were already worried about seeing such a recent game being left behind. After all, Ubisoft was already canceling five projects a few days ago, so Roller Champions could very well have been added to this very sad list. Faced with such concern, Ubisoft took the lead by publishing a press release clarifying the free-to-play situation.

A break to better correct

Let Roller Champions fans rest assured: the game is not about to be canceled. Ubisoft insists that the title is not going to be canceled and that the studio “fully support the project”. However, it will indeed undergo a reworking of its development to make the necessary changes.

Jeff Grubb wasn’t entirely wrong as the game’s current season will indeed be extended indefinitely to focus on other priorities. Rather than producing new content for the game, this aspect of the title is being put on hiatus in order to focus on patching for the many concerns raised by the players. This new angle of development “takes precedence over all other priorities”.

The goal is to make Roller Champions what it was meant to be when it came out: “a real social experience” describes Ubisoft in its press release. Thus, the title will be embellished with the highly anticipated cross-platform invitations to facilitate group playwhile a patch will correct the many problems that “players expressed as irritants”.

New seasons will appear once all these major issues are ironed out.. The studio also promises that “exciting content is in the works” and should therefore give replayability to the title. Once the Roller Champions roller skates are well oiled, they should glide smoothly for a long time to come.

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