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Ukraine | The Security Council will hold a vote to denounce the actions of Russia



(United Nations) A draft resolution by the United States and Albania aimed at condemning Russia for its actions with regard to Ukraine should be submitted to the UN Security Council shortly, it said. -we learned Wednesday from diplomatic sources.

This vote should be organized “in the coming days”, one of these sources told AFP on condition of anonymity. We must take advantage of the “momentum” favorable to the UN, which saw Africa in particular strongly condemn Russia’s actions on Monday in the Security Council, she added.

On Wednesday, during a very long meeting of the United Nations General Assembly devoted to Ukraine, a very large majority of countries, from all continents, denounced Russia’s behavior.

The draft text obtained by AFP provides that the Security Council “condemns Russia’s decision” relating to the recognition of the separatist regions of Donetsk and Lugansk and “reaffirms its commitment to the sovereignty and independence of the Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders”.


Canadian Ambassador to the UN Bob Rae

The text is “almost finalized”, confirmed a European diplomat, also requesting anonymity. “Hopefully we can get into action in the next few hours or days. And if we cannot succeed in the Security Council, we will immediately go to the General Assembly” with the objective in both forums “of the greatest possible majority”, he added.

Because of the right of veto enjoyed by Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, this draft resolution is doomed to failure in this forum. It would then be submitted to the UN General Assembly where the resolutions are not binding and where there is no right of veto.

Such a scenario – Security Council and then General Assembly – had already occurred after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. It resulted in a veto by Russia in the first instance. China abstained, the other 13 members having voted in favor of the text.

At the General Assembly, out of 193 members, the draft resolution then collected 100 votes, 11 countries voting against, 58 abstaining, the rest not taking part in the vote.

According to the European diplomat, the big difference with 2014 is the “magnitude” of the current situation. “There is a risk of major conflict, major war,” he said. “The worst-case scenario is that of a sort of World War II-type military operation which would of course cause many civilian casualties,” said the diplomat.

For an ambassador member of the Council, speaking on condition of anonymity, the international reaction is to be put into perspective. “The stakes are the same” and on the side of the UN “we will have the same thing as in 2014,” he told AFP.

The US and Albanian diplomatic missions to the UN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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