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Ukraine will never be a victory for Putin, says Biden



(Washington) Despite military advances by Russian forces, Ukraine will never be synonymous with victory for Putin, US President Joe Biden assured Tuesday.

“Putin may pursue his advance at any cost at an appalling price, it is clear that Ukraine will never be a victory for (him),” Mr. Biden said. “Putin may eventually take over a city, but he will never be able to hold the country. »

The tenant of the White House was speaking during a speech during which he announced an embargo on American imports of Russian oil and gas in order to “deal a new powerful blow” to Vladimir Putin.

He also called on Congress to adopt a $12 billion humanitarian and military aid plan for Ukraine.

“We will continue to support the courageous Ukrainian people who are fighting for their country,” he said.

Support for Ukraine, invaded by Russian forces on February 24, enjoys a rare political unanimity in the American Congress, elected officials on both sides pushing Joe Biden to increase pressure on Moscow.

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