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very bad news awaits the players



For lack of players, Google announces the closure of Stadia. The cloud gaming platform, which has never really convinced, will close its doors in January 2023.

It’s not an earthquake, but a small clap of thunder that has just hit the cloud gaming market. Google just announced the end of the Stadia adventureits streaming video game service launched in 2019. Full of promise when it was launched, the platform never really found its audience despite the ambition of the giant Google.

Google Stadia will shut down in January 2023

In a press release, the Mountain View firm explains his decision to close his service : “A few years ago we […] launched a gaming service [vidéo] general public, Stadia. And while Stadia’s approach to consumer game streaming was built on a solid technology foundation, it didn’t generate the user interest we expected.”, specifies Phil Harrisson, vice-president and head of Stadia. Passed by Xbox and PlayStation, he joined Google in 2018 to help the research specialist in the video game sector.

Google adds that gamers have until January 18, 2023 to access the service. After this date, Stadia will permanently close its doors and the firm will offer refunds. Those who purchased Stadia-branded hardware, like the controller, or invested in Founder’s Edition or Premier Edition packs are eligible. The Californian company will also reimburse those who have purchased games or additional content via the service.

“The majority of refunds should be made by mid-January 2023”adds Google.

Google Stadia: a service that has never really convinced

Presented as the future of video games in its infancy, Stadia was to accompany the cloud gaming revolution. It also symbolized Google’s appetite and ambition in this area, but the service disappointed as soon as it was released. Launched hastily in 2019, Google Stadia looked more like a beta than a service that lived up to its ambitions.

Google had provided several responses to improve its service, citing its desire to host a hundred games in 2022. Nevertheless, the firm was relatively quiet about its cloud gaming service. Very quickly, rumors even mentioned the death of Stadia. Google had also come out of its reserve to deny the information. “Stadia is not closing. Rest assured that we are always working to add more great games to the platform and to Stadia Pro”could we read on the official account.

Finally, Google Stadia will indeed close its doors despite a certain potential. The main strength of the service is its technology in this market which is still in its infancy. The solution that the American giant uses for Stadia has proven itself, to the point of being offered as a white label to other companies.

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