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volkswagen | Sketches of an electric sedan that will be launched next year



The German brand Volkswagen has released a series of sketches giving a taste of an electric sedan that will be unveiled on Monday for the Chinese market. A North American version of this model is also planned for next year.

Simply named ID.Aero, the model will be built on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB modular electric platform. The designs shown suggest an approach similar to that of the competitors with the emphasis on the passenger compartment, thanks to the little space taken up by the electric motors. We therefore have a profile exposing a very short muzzle and a long wheelbase.


The profile exposes a very short muzzle and a long wheelbase.

It’s hard to comment on the mechanical configuration at this stage, but it would be very logical for this newcomer to use the same engines as the ID.4 compact SUV. It is offered in both a 201 hp rear-wheel-drive version and an all-wheel-drive version with 295 hp in reserve. Its 82 kWh battery allows a maximum range of 422 km, a figure that should grow in the case of the sedan thanks to its more streamlined design that ensures better airflow.

It will be interesting to see how Volkswagen will position this model in terms of price. If it is more affordable than the ID.4, the ID.Aero could well conquer many buyers who do not want an SUV.

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