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War in Ukraine | Clinics help victims by treating severe burns and scars



Fifteen private clinics across Ukraine are part of the “Non-Flammable” project, which aims to help victims of the conflict by treating their severe burns and scars.

One of the patients is Natalia Yuhmanova, an economist who lived in Mariupol and who was injured in an aerial bombardment in early March. She has since undergone numerous operations.

“I want a fairy tale to happen. The best time for me now is when I fall asleep at night. When my children fall asleep, when no one can see me. I have only one wish: to wake up as I was before,” she said before her laser surgery.

Maksym Turkevich, the project manager, hopes his organization can help more people like Natalia.

“The project is an ecosystem of 15 clinics in Ukraine that have been doing laser and surgical treatment for burns or scars resulting from the war in Ukraine since 2014. The project is in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, but it is financed by private donations.

“About 50 or 60 patients are currently part of the project. They are already treated or their treatment is confirmed. We are gradually increasing our capacities, in order to help even more people. »

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